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Most of the Dota Auto Chess enthusiasts who transitioned to Valve’s title were already looking with scepticism at the Dota Underlords Dragons Alliance. What Valve proposed in the open beta was a step back to only three Dragons added to the game and pretty much the same synergy. The only difference is made by a tier 3 item that buffs the Dragons attack damage.

However, with the Dota Underlords developer team extremely responsive to players’ feedback, the Dragon Alliance along with many other items and Alliances are now announced to be changed in the next gameplay update. More so, Valve has already released the full patch notes prior to actually implementing the patch.

Alliances reworks:


Dragon Alliance will now activate at only two different units placed on the map and each of the three Dragons currently in the game will receive a second ability as follows:

Puck: Dragon Alliance now unlocks Phase Shift.

Viper: Dragon Alliance now unlocks Corrosive Skin.

Dragon Knight received a bigger reworks and instead of  shape shifting to a Dragon when he gets to full mana, he will now have Breathe Fire as  base ability. The Dragon form will be activated only in a Dragon Alliance.


The other Alliance to receive a mechanic rework is for Scrappy units. Scrappy Alliance now provides 8 armor and 9 health regeneration. It provides double that amount if your starting army is smaller in size than your opponent’s.


Knight Alliance: Now gives a constant 15/25/35% damage reduction and an additional 20/25/30% when next to another knight.

Other important balance changes

Pocket Sand: Assassins Alliance item is changed from  “Assassins blind enemies 1 cell away from where they land for 2 seconds (50% miss chance)” to also slows mana gained on receiving damage by 50% and debuffs a random enemy unit within 2 cells if no units are within 1 cell of the assassin landing.

Desperate Measure: Tier 5 global item is changed from “Your units gain +1% Attack Damage per 5 points of damage your Underlord has taken, to “also increase mana gained on receiving/dealing damage by the same amount as attack damage.”

Wicked Intent: Heartless Alliance item will now also block HP regen on top of reducing opponent’s healing by 25% per unique Heartless unit you have.

New items

Boots of Speed have now been changed to Tranquil Boots with a passive that grants +16 health regen and 100% bonus move speed.

Pipe of Insight: +50% Magic Resistance. Once the first enemy has 100% mana, apply a shield that blocks 400 magic damage to allies up to 1 cell away. (once per battle)

Full patch notes can be found on Dota Underlords official website, here

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