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With the transition from <Dota Auto Chess> to the self-branded <Auto Chess Mobile>, we can see that many hope that the original gameplay is maintained. However, due to copyright issues, all things related to Dota 2 have to be removed. With a totally new ‘cutesy’ outlook in the game, will the self-branded <Auto Chess> become the next big thing in the world of mobile games? Let’s find out!

Login Page

Despite only being in its beta version, the loading speed is rather fast.

Main Page

The main interface of the game is quite simple. Your avatar and rank can be found on the upper left and things like ‘announcement’, ‘Wiki, ‘Messages’ and ‘chat function’ can be found on the left side. There’s a feedback button on the top right where users can provide feedback or report any bugs found in the game. The number of candies, which is the in-game currency, is also displayed on the upper right corner beside the feedback button. Other features such as ‘Inventory, ‘Leaderboard’ and ‘shop’ can be found on the right side.

Let’s talk about some of the more distinctive features.

  • Ranking System

Unlike <Dota Auto Chess> where players get their rank after 5 calibration matches, everyone starts off as ‘Pawn’ in <Auto Chess Mobile>.

  • Shop and Warehouse

In <Dota Auto Chess>, the shop is simply a gashapon machine and a courier warehouse.

In the mobile version, you can get ‘Skins’ and ‘Avatars’ from the gashapon machine. As of now, the only skin available is a character called ‘Piggy Girl’.

As for the Avatar, it has 2 tiers which cost 2 candies and 5 candies respectively.

In the Inventory, we noticed a ‘chessboard’ option. We strongly believe that there will be different chessboards in the future that you can get through the gashapon machine.

Currently, the default chessboard is called ‘Island’.

Currently, the default chessboard is called ‘Island’.

  • ‘Friends’ System

The ‘Friends’ system is not available yet but we noticed an ‘email’ feature in the game.

Naturally, there is no observer function at the moment too.

Let’s move into the main topic – gameplay, which is what most people are concerned about.

Chess Pieces and Items Wiki

These chess pieces are based on <Dota Auto Chess> version as of 28th March. The models and icons of the chess pieces and items are also easily associated with the Dota version.

Game Preview

The chess-recruitment screen feels a bit more squeezy than before.

The game is in landscape mode. On the left side, you can see the current health of all eight players in the game. Similar to <Dota Auto Chess>, clicking on another player’s avatar brings you to his/her perspective. The left area can be swiped and switched to display information about your current species/class combo or DPS stats.

The placement of pieces is rather similar to that in <Dota Auto Chess>. You can even adjust the pieces in the waiting area during combat.

In addition, if you have a pair on the battlefield + waiting area, the 3rd piece will have a golden glow when it arrives. Also, the upgrading process has been simplified.


Most of the item names are still similar to the original.

If the only difference in items is in its icon, it wouldn’t be too difficult to get used to it. However, that’s not the case. Many <Dota Auto Chess> players will find themselves uncomfortable during transition. At present, there are no couriers to pick up items. When an item drops, click on it to transfer it to your inventory before equipping it on your chess pieces.

It is worth noting that it is not possible to equip items during the combat phase.

In addition, items do not upgrade automatically in the mobile version. You have to click it manually.


At present, we haven’t found any clickables (like the bushes in Hearthstone)on the chessboard of Auto Chess mobile yet. However, the camera shifts very slowly when viewing other players’ chessboards. While at the chessboards of others, not only can you see their species/classes combo, you can also see the DPS stats of each of their chess pieces.

After viewing the chessboards of others, press ‘Back’ to return to your own board.

Double click on the board to zoom in.

When you turn off the ‘Bullet Chat’ mode, you can check the battle records of the previous round on the left to help you better understand the situation. You can even scroll up to check the records of the earlier battles.

Game Duration

As compared to <Dota Auto Chess>, the preparation round stays the same at 30 seconds. However, the 5 seconds of preparation time has been taken away. The battle time remains at 60 seconds. Therefore, the time taken for 1 game in the mobile game <Auto Chess> and <Dota Auto Chess> is similar at around 30-40 minutes.


  1. The style of the chess pieces makes it harder to process and the species & classes logos aren’t that obvious. <Dota Auto Chess> players will need some time to adapt.
  2. The process of upgrading of items and chess pieces has become faster and more user-friendly.
  3. Lack of tutorial for newcomers.
  4. The attack animation feels stiff and spell effects are not refined enough.
  5. With a shorter preparation time of 5 seconds plus the fact that you can only upgrade items during preparation time, it is easy to panic when faced with ‘complex situations’ Also, the user experience may not be as good for users with smaller screen.
  6. As a mobile game, the duration of each game is rather long and will consume lots of battery power. It may not be too user-friendly for most players.
  7. Certain features such as ‘Friends’ system and shop are incomplete.

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