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Auto chess is suddenly blowing up everywhere with the announcement of a League of Legends version going into beta, Dota Underlords leaked footage as well as a new version of the genre heading to the Epic Games Store from Drodo. With all of this, we’ve seen some interesting reactions on Twitter from those around the different gaming communities.

The LoL community at large seem to be a tad skeptical about the new game mode entitled, ‘Teamfight Tactics’ with most of their concerns centered around whether the mode will just disappear into oblivion like many previous game modes of the game.

That said, LoL caster and commentator, Aidan ‘Zirene’ Moon seems to be rather excited about the prospect of this new game – probably part of the hype that Auto Chess has been creating in recent months.

The Dota 2 community seem to be a little more “up-in-arms” with Jake ‘SirActionSlacks’ Kanner quickly pointing out that this is another moment that Dota have paved the path for others to jump onto – but I won’t go too deep down that rabbit hole.

Ioannis ‘Fogged’ Loucas was probably about as surprised to learn of the LoL announcement as I was – although the one that caught me even more off-guard was definitely the Drodo/Epic Games version that was announced a little later in the day.

Following the Auto Chess Tweets is very much a rollercoaster – some folks are very intrigued, others are skeptical but most importantly, everyone knows that it’s going to be the first stable version that captures the gamers of the world. And we are extremely excited to see who gets there first.

Moving on from that, we had the obvious meme and troll posts about Auto Chess and each version – but my favourite has come from Hearthstone famed streamer, Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang. It’s an old meme that did the rounds a lot when Dota 2 first released, but he definitely was ready to throw it into the mix.

There are a lot of mixed feelings and opinions on Auto Chess going around right now and it is sure to continue creating a stir for the next few months as all the companies get their games in working order and we get to try each one.

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