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There are three auto chess like games out there now: Auto Chess from Epic Games partnered with Drodo Studio, Team Fight Tactics from Riot games and Valve’s very own Dota Underlords. In that competitive economy, it is important to have a unique selling point. The orginal Auto Chess, which is the mod in Dota 2 has come up something just like that; something original which will soon be implemented, if I’m not mistaken, in the Epic Games version. Recently, Drodo Studio added a casual mode and a 2×4 mode in version of the game that can be accessed via Dota 2.

Till now, all games used to be ranked, whether you liked it or not. Even if you were just destressing and trying something out, a loss would lead to you falling down the rank ladder. The casual version allows you to experiment without having the fear of losing rank for trying out new strategies. Once you are confident in your abilities, you can go and try them out in the ranked mode.

The more talked about mode though will be the 2×4 mode (which is a casual mode) in which, players will be able to team up and share courier HP with a friend (or a stranger, doesn’t have to be a friend). There will be a total of four teams on the board, so the total number of players is the same as solo mode. Item drops can be shared by the two team mates. This game mode opens up a a world of possibilities. One team mate can take up an aggressive early game draft while the other one holds out for a late game strat. It’ll be interesting to see what players make of it, but more than that, it will be interesting to see if Riot and Valve also decide to adopt this strategy or come up with something new to compete with it.

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