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Dota Underlords is finally getting out of Early Access tonight

Valve's auto chess game Dota Underlords will officially release today after being in beta for almost nine months. Valve will

Auto Chess receives Best Innovative Game of 2019 award from Google

Now a standalone title published by Dragonest, Auto Chess was developed at the beginning of 2019 by Drodostudio as an

Swim on Underlords: "The underlords should be characters you pick at round 10 instead of at the start of the game"

Sean "Swim" Huguenard started off his career with Gwent, transitioned to Artifact and now plays Dota Underlords for Evil Geniuses.

One week after the "Big Update", Underlords is back to losing players

Valve's auto chess game Dota Underlords can't seem to catch a break in terms of active players. Despite offering a

Valve finally shows what the Underlords in Underlords actually are

Valve has been dropping a series of sneak peeks ahead of the Dota Underlords so-called Big Update: the patch that

The big Underlords update will have a jail, with 8-12 heroes imprisoned everyday

The big update for Underlords is nearly here. Valve and the Underlords development team have already revealed new heroes and

Riot confirms LoL and TFT mobile, League also coming to consoles

More news from the Riot Games 10-year anniversary stream. League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics will both arrive on mobile

More than 33 million are playing TFT each month

In the latest dev update, Riot Games cited some impressive numbers about their auto chess mode Teamfight Tactics. According to

Underlords' duo mode, six new heroes are coming in October

The Underlords development team spoke in a recent blog about the timeline of updates they will be pushing to the

Dota Underlords update: Introducing Ace tier heroes and contraptions

Dota Underlords recently released a update which had two major changes, or introductions to the game: The Ace tier and

Underlords is getting Duos mode and new heroes and Alliances in the next few weeks

Valve released a new Underlords blog Tuesday, talking about the upcoming big changes they are preparing for the game. The