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Drodo Studio announces $1,000,000 Auto Chess Invitational tournament

Drodo Studio is the very first developer to have introduced the autobattler genre to the gaming world when they created

Dota Underlords open beta arrived in Steam store and on iOS and Android devices

Dota Underlords is Valve’s take on the popular Dota Auto Chess custom mode developed in their Steam Workshop. Up until

Tutorial and ranked play are now available in Dota Underlords

Dota Underlords open beta is expected to be released sometime this week, but before the game becomes available to everyone,

Teamfight Tactics peaks over 210,000 viewers on launch day

If day one viewership statistics are any indication (though usually they are not), Teamfight Tactics — the LoL Auto Chess mode

Keys for friends and nerfs for Drow and Hunters in Dota Underlords

A preview of Dota Underlords was launched by Valve on June 13 for all those who purchased a TI9 Battle

Watch the first gameplay footage of Teamfight Tactics — the LoL Auto Chess mode

So far, Teamfight Tactics has been the Auto Chess variant with the least information known. Would the gameplay be different

The LoL Auto Chess — Teamfight Tactics — launches June 18 on the PBE

According to Riot Games senior designer Ed "SapMagic" Altorfer, the League of Legends product in the Auto Chess genre, Teamfight

Dota Underlords: New heroes and alliances

The Dota Underlords beta has been released for the TI9 Battlepass owners and it is Valve's standalone game analogous to

Leaked Dota Underlords features we should expect in open beta

Dota Underlords was launched this week by Valve in what seems to be an early development stage. The game is

Dota Underlords goes live in early beta access for TI9 Battle Pass owners

Dota Underlords, the trademark filed by Valve a few weeks back, is indeed their standalone Auto Chess title and starting

Auto Chess fever is taking over the world

Auto chess is suddenly blowing up everywhere with the announcement of a League of Legends version going into beta, Dota Underlords leaked