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  • Perfect World Supermajor Comic: Patience From Zhou

    Authorized by Orginal Author: Perfect World to translate As the last Major of this DPC season, China SuperMajor will be the final shot

    Perfect World Supermajor Comic: Doom Is Back!

    Authorized by Orginal Author: Perfect World to translate   As the last Major of this DPC season, China SuperMajor will be the

    References of TI8 Battle Pass Chat Wheel Sounds

    The Seasonal Chat Wheel Sounds were something the community missed most about TI7 Battle Pass. And as expected, Valve brought

    PSG.LGD Team Leader: "EPICENTER! We Made It!"

    After taking down Team Liquid 3-1, PSG.LGD became the first Chinese team to claim Major title. Shortly after this long-waited victory,

    Hard Work vs Talent – Which One is More Important?

    Soon after the conclusion of TI5, EHOME’s coach 71 "commended" LGD’s support player MMY on Weibo. The most controversial coach

    【Dota 2 Class】 Basic Warding Guide

    Warding is a must know skill in Dota2 due to the importance of vision. It’s not a difficult concept to

    About Morph: Fun Interactions, Bugs and More

    Morphling’s ult was reworked in patch 7.07, making what used to be a defensive ability more offense-oriented, which was deemed

    The Epic BO15 between Fnatic and TNC in 3 Days

    2 Major and 1 Minor spots, 14 games, 3days. It wasn’t until April 23rd that the rivalry between Fnatic and

    Things You Need to Know About Aeon Disk

    Patch 7.07 has introduced several new items into the game and it seems all of them have found their own

    Former Dota2 Caster Accuses xiao8 for Match-Fixing

    More Chinese drama comes via Weibo as Danche, a former Dota2 caster who is now a PUBG streamer, accused xiao8

    No King Rules Forever: The Fall of TI Champions 

    The aegis is immortal, but no king rules forever.   It seems in the world of Dota2, the glory of the creator

    The Spider Comes! 7 Useful Tips to Master Broodmother

    Broodmother has never been a popular hero in pubs, she currently sits at 105th in terms of pick rate and her

    Infamous Ineligible for A TI8 Invite Due to Roster Lock Issues

    This is a bad news for team Infamous: They only received 7 DPC points(25%) per player despite their 3rd/4th placement at