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Epulze & VPgame announce long term partnership to promote grassroots esports in Asia

Epulze and VPgame are aiming to grow grassroots esports in Asia by partnering up and launching exciting new tournaments and

Making its Way into Southeast Asia, JOIDATA Collaborates with Moonton to Build Strategic Global Portfolio

Recently, the professional esports data service provider JOIDATA has entered into an in-depth collaboration with Shanghai Moonton Technology Co., Ltd.

How the Premier League could make FIFA the number one esports title

The rise in esports has been remarkable in recent years, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down at all. Of

Could these titles be the next esports hit?

The growing industry of esports boasts titles which have become household names even for those not interested in the industry. People

Motivate.Trust Gaming one win away from NetEase Games' Top Clans 2020 Dota 2 SEA Invitational Championship

The stakes have never been higher in the tournament, as the top four teams in the Top Clans 2020 Dota 2

Is Cloud9’s revamped roster set to yield rewards?

A number of the top teams in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene are undergoing major changes in preparation for the

Memes of the week: more waifus are needed in the Arcana line up

or Snek?

When I play Tusk... and more interesting clips from the week

to the old to play ping pong solo"

How to DELETE a hero with Pugna -- Burst build against defensive items [closed caption]

Delete hero with well farmed pugna against defensive items. While this build has high burst, it is punishable with gap

Beyond Dota 2: 4 up-and-coming esports games you need to be paying attention to

As the global esports market continues to attract hundreds of millions of worldwide fans and transform its best players into

Arcana party... and more memes from the week

With so much sad news and drama going on, it is time for us to see some wholesome memes in

Five funny Dota 2 low-cost cosplay you don't want to miss

Hi guys, welcome to our new section "Cosplay". Here, we will present you with the most beautiful, amazing, and hilarious