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Emily Rand

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  • Topsports Gaming take on Invictus Gaming in a matchup that celebrates the strength of the LPL

    Less than a year ago — a lifetime in League of Legends esports — Topsports Gaming were one of the worst teams

    The Melancholy of RNG and Worlds Results-Based Analysis

    “The curse, lifted. The prophecy has been fulfilled. Uzi now reigns as king. Royal. Never. Give. Up. Champions. And they

    There will never be another team like the ROX Tigers (and reuniting the roster won't bring them back)

    As humans, it's only natural to return to the past in our minds. We fervently wish that we could have

    The 2018 Fall of the LCK through the lens of the 2015 LPL collapse

    Memories of Invictus Gaming's quick 3-0 sweep over Fnatic have already begun to fade into sepia-tinged snapshots, most of which

    Where did Kingzone DragonX go wrong?

    For the first time since 2012, South Korea's spring champions will not represent the region at the League of Legends

    Griffin leave the 2018 LCK season in a better place than they found it

    Outside of SK Telecom T1, no other team in all of 2018 LoL Champions Korea had as many eyes on

    With the fall of SKT, the rise of a new South Korea

    Two times, the League of Legends World Championship has been held in South Korea. Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok has represented his

    C9 Svenskeren: "I think the swaps reignited the flames in the players"

    One of the dominant narratives in the 2018 North American League of Legends Championship Series Summer has been the rise

    CLG Academy Ray "Wiggily" Griffin: "The idea behind Academy is like, as an amateur player I don't have to immediately be almost as good as an LCS player"

    One of the more interesting side effects of franchising in North America has been how teams have used their Academy

    Aphromoo on the NA LCS side lanes and 100Thieves' upcoming rematch with Team Liquid

    One of the 2018 North American League of Legends Championship Series semifinals is a historic matchup: Cloud9 versus Team SoloMid,

    FlyQuest Santorin: "For me, ever since TSM, it's been a very bumpy ride for me."

    At the LCS Arena in Santa Monica, playoffs always have a more finite feeling than the average League of Legends

    Team China emerge victorious at the 2018 Asian Games esports demonstration

    Team China had to initiate a fight. Team South Korea's composition had the scaling advantage. They were on a timer.