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  • DreamLeague Season 13: The Leipzig Major playoffs losses

    Upper Bracket Team Secret vs Alliance Team Secret destroyed Alliance by

    Team Liquid's 11 unsuccessful high ground pushes vs NA'VI

    81 minutes game in which Team Liquid went 11 times on Na'Vi's high ground and mostly retreated without securing any

    A game with amazing team fights, Secret vs Fnatic

    This best of three series was a great spectacle at DreamLeague Season 13 Major upper bracket. A lot of comebacks

    China's 2 most powerful teams face off against each other in the Leipzig Major upper bracket

    Whenever teams from the same region play against each other and they are equally strong, it is a great moment.

    Aster sends TNC to the lower bracket at the Leipzig Major

    Aster destroyed the defending Major champions, by 2-0 in the DreamLeague Season 13: The Leipzig Major group stage as TNC

    When 2 legendary drafters meet, Secret vs Vici Day 1 at Leipzig Major

    Team Secret vs Vici Gaming was one of the most hyped series' of the day. Even though Secret won the

    The kings of lower brackets, Nigma makes a comeback from 40k networth disadvantage

    From 2019 Kuroky's team has performed exceptionally well at the lower brackets and the WePlay! Bukovel Minor 2020 was yet

    There is no fun without 322, RNG vs Geek Fam at the Bukovel Minor

    Any Dota 2 tournament feels incomplete without some throws, careless and over-aggressive game-plays. In this Royal Never Give Up vs

    A 19,000 networth epic comeback by RNG vs Nigma at the Bukovel Minor

    Nigma couldn't close the game with their aggressive draft and RNG fought brilliantly on the high ground. Check out the

    How Nigma survived elimination from the Bukovel Minor

    Nigma played outstandingly in the laning stage of game 3 but Fighting Pandas started making an epic comeback. If Fighting

    Why Nigma failed against Fighting Pandas

    Since the TI9 grand final's defeat, Nigma has not been delivering good performances as per the expectations and it feels

    How great efforts by Evil Geniuses failed against Vici Gaming

    Game 1 draft advantage was almost equal except for