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Andreea Esanu, also known as Div, is an esports journalist focused on the game she loves the most, Dota 2. Andreea has over fifteen years of experience in media, she graduated a journalistic university and she also has a bachelor degree in theatrical art.

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  • reveal their first two Apex Legends players: No[one] and 9pasha

    photo by: Earlier today, during the Newbee versus series at MDL Macau 2019, in the drafting stage of the

    Eight advance in the playoffs, but no NA squad will walk on the Spodek Arena stage

    photo by: ESL One The group stage at ESL One Katowice has come to an end with abysmal results for the

    Maybe Next Time departs from Vega Squadron

    photo by: WESG They had a promising start of the season. Two of the former Ad Finem boys were finally reunited

    iLTW 100% kill participation keeps OG’s Katowice playoffs dream alive

    photo by: ESL One The second day of group stage matches at ESL One Katowice has come to an end for

    The End is Near: HoN Announce the Final Patch

    Heroes of Newerth (HoN) is the first of the two MOBA games that originated from the Defense of the Ancients

    [UPDATE] Faith_bian Hospitalized Following an Injury Suffered During the Photo-shoot of MDL Macau

    It almost feels like the entire Universe is conspiring these days against EHOME. The team is supposed to start their

    [REPORT] DDC to Stand-in for Vici Gaming at MDL Macau

    Following the recent attempts of Vici Gaming to fix an in-game lack of communication between the players, the team captain

    “Katowice: Esports History In The Making” - A Documentary by Luckbox and Redeye

    Katowice, Poland has always been a special place for esports. With a history of seven years of events hosted there,

    AMD SAPPHIRE Dota PIT Minor Early Bird Tickets Sale is Live

    Split, Croatia will be for the fourth time the place that will host a Dota Pit event. Coming this April,

    Xiao8 Stands-in for EHOME at MDL Macau

    EHOME’s travel schedule continues to get hectic and will force the team to play with their coach, Zhang "xiao8" Ning,

    FNG Out Drafts the Master PPD: Gambit Defend their WePlay Madness Title

    photo by: Gambit Esports It’s been a fun week at the WePlay studios and a fun tournament to watch. The Valentine

    Dota Auto Chess Surpasses 4M Subscribers: What’s Next?

    Launched just at the beginning of January 2019, Dota Auto Chess is becoming a real phenomenon in the gaming industry,

    Valve Snub Dota 2 Item Collectors with their New Treasure

    [Update - February 16]: Since the publication of this article, Valve replaced the Flowing Entropy Spectre set, but Airborne Assault Craft,