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  • Leaked: 'Yone', Yasuo's brother, could be the 150th Champion for LoL

    Only a couple of days have passed since we started to know the details about the next Champion for League

    Riot Games work in a 'Deathmatch Mode' for VALORANT

    Since the official release of VALORANT this summer, Riot Games have added a lot of new features to their shooter.

    New LoL Jungler 'Lillia' to be released next July 22nd

    Some time ago, in their Champion Roadmap for June 2020, Riot Games told us

    Interview with G2 'Mikyx' after a new loss in LEC: "it is a lack of preparation"

    G2 Esports did not have the best first half of LEC Summer Split. They barely managed to win half of

    Riot Games against toxicity: new AFK and intentional feeding detectors coming soon

    Lately, we have witnessed Riot Games' intentions to fight toxicity and bad behaviors in League of Legends. Now, product lead

    LoR Singleton Gauntlet: Guide and best Decks to win

    For the first time ever, Legends of Runeterra Singleton Gauntlet mode opens today and will be available until Monday. The special

    FPX Tian wins a new award: "APEC VOF's Future Innovator of the year"

    FunPlus Phoenix jungler Gao “Tian” Tian-Liang has always been meant to shine as a League of Legends superstar. He was just

    Patch 10.14 Preview: necessary nerfs and buffs coming soon

    One more week, Riot Games Lead Game Designer Mark Yetter brings us a short preview of the

    100 Thieves benches Meteos and Stunt after 1-5 record

    After three weeks of the North American League of Legends Championship Series Summer Split, there are some serious candidates to

    G2 Perkz takes a break from competing

    This Summer Split 2020, G2 Esports and their legend, Luka "Perkz" Perković, did not have their best start in LEC. The

    Riot Games to change five champion mechanics over the next few patches

    Last Wednesday, June 24th, there was a change on PBE that has caused a great stir in the social networks.