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Looking for a fresh take on an old archetype in the Artifact Patch 1.2 era? Streamer, caster and content creator Sean “swim” Huguenard has you covered. The Evil Geniuses player shares his own version of red/green ramp, which features a couple of interesting tech choices.

At first sight, the list looks like a standard ramp. It has its Treant Protector, Bristleback and Legion Commander. It ramps with Stars Align and Selemene’s Favor to Time of Triumph, Spring the Trap and Emissary of the Quorum. It runs the good early game red minions and the good green improvements. So what’s so special about it?

Here comes the Dark Seer

First, there’s the hero selection and deployment beyond the flop. Dark Seer, which has been a very off-meta hero since the start, has replaced Drow Ranger. With Gust nerfed, Drow is no longer an appetizing inclusion in green decks it seems, and the global +1 attack buff isn’t much help to a RG Ramp.

Dark Seer, on another hand, saw no changes. His signature spell, Ion Shell, remains a strong modification effect, adding +3 damage return to the already buffed Ramp heroes. Imagine every hero being also a Legion Commander in addition to their high stats.

Dark Seer’s Surge ability, on the other hand, adds much needed mobility. One of RG Ramp’s weaknesses was how often the beefy heroes would remain stranded in a lane. As most decks don’t want to fight the likes of Axe and Bristleback head on, they’d just flee and leave these heroes slowly chipping away at the tower, instead of fighting and killing units. Since Surge also works on creeps, it helps the list reposition its army to a second lane after it’s downed the first tower. After all, RG Ramp isn’t known for killing Ancients, and the ability to move the fighting units to another lane fast is a much welcomed tool.

Axe and items

Another curious modification to the list is Axe deploying on the turn. With his stats nerfed, Axe can no longer one-shot many of the heroes and Swim’s list uses him more of a finisher of injured ones, that primary combat unit.

Swim has designed its item deck to provide utility. Besides the new Jasper Daggers, which is an auto-include in most decks, Swim runs triple Phase Boots on top of triple Blink Dagger. This adds to the mobility of this RG Ramp list, both within and across the lane.

And the cost? Less than $25 for the whole thing.

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