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Artifact lead designer Richard Garfield departs from Valve

In a recent 13 people lay off at the Valve offices, Artifact’s game designer Richard Garfield and his long time

Hearthstone exiles Genn, Baku into Hall of Fame in new rotation

Hearthstone enters Year of the Dragon and with it, Blizzard is introducing a heap of changes to how the leading cut two from Artifact roster

One of the first esports orgs to venture in Artifact has decided to reduce its presence in the game.

Artifact peaks below 650 players as numbers decline continues

Valve trading card game Artifact continues to decay. On Feb. 25, the game reached a new lowest peak of 634

Opinion: Auto Chess is a better fit for Valve than Artifact ever was

Recent reports by VPEsports hinted at what many hoped for and in fact expected. Valve is paying close attention to

RobAJG: "We were constantly giving feedback but when [Artifact] launched, there were plenty of things missing."

Photo by: RobAJG | Twitter Robert "RobAJG" Gonzales has been slinging cards in Magic: The Gathering for 25 years. "It's the love

Sources: Valve eyeballing Dota Auto Chess for potential acquisition

Valve are tinkering with the idea of welcoming the hugely successful Dota Auto Chess mod and making it an official

Valve removes Artifact promo assets from Dota 2 fountain

In a new update, Valve has removed the Artifact promotional assets that sat beside the Dota 2 fountain to advertise

It costs less than $70 to get every single Artifact card

The cost for a full Artifact collection has hit another all-time low. According to, a player will need to spend

Cash against apathy: The curious case of Artifact’s growing prize pools

In just over two months, Artifact has arrived at a state where its esports development and its player base are

A $30,000 Artifact draft tournament is the games's highest paying event to date

Artifact's player base might be shrinking, but the prize pools for its tournaments keep growing. On Wednesday, VPN company NoxFire

Hyped wins fourth Artifact title in two months

George "Hyped" Maganzini is now the unquestioned best player in Artifact. The Team Liquid player won his fourth tournament title