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We finally have a winner for the TI10 arcana vote, and it is none other than Spectre! Spectre defeated Faceless Void in the arcana vote final to claim the victory.

A total of nearly 52.5 million votes were cast. Faceless Void was the recepient of nearly 25 million, but Spectre clinched around 27.5 million votes to break the heart of Faceless Void voters.

It wasn’t a competetion as close as the one between Pudge and Rubick, but it also wasn’t as one sided as Ogre’s win over Windranger. Looking back at all the matchups the two finalists faced, the competetion was not even close. Neither of the two ever got close to being voted out and won all their competetions before the final quite convincingly. The main contender would have been Invoker, but Invoker was eliminated by Witch Doctor, who in turn was defeated by Spectre by a margin of 55.9% to 44.1%.

Even though Faceless Void may have succumbed in the final, all is not lost for Void. A couple of runners-up from the past few years have ended up getting their own arcana. Io lost to Juggernaut in 2016 but got an Arcana in next year’s Battle Pass. Similarly, Windranger lost to Ogre Magi in the TI9 arcana vote final, but got her own arcana in the TI10 Battle Pass. Who knows, the TI11 Battle Pass may end up giving players a Faceless Void Arcana. But for now, it is time to celebrate Spectre’s victory and start spamming Reddit with ‘Spectre arcana when?’

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