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More leaks have come out providing us details on the abilities of the one of the next Legends coming to Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends.

This time it is “Rampart” who has their details leaked by Tha1MiningGuy. Originally leaked by name only back on February 26, we now know what exactly their kit will bring to the game.

You can find a video from That1MiningGuy below detailing the leaks around Rampart and their abilities.

You can find the full list of Rampart’s abilities below:

Amped Cover – Builds cover that provides a damage boost to anyone standing near it, can be picked up and moved.

My Friend Maxim – Places a mounted machine gun that anyone in the squad can use, uses heavy ammo.

Fixer – Swapping to melee equips a wrench players can use to repair structures.

Cover Fire – Firing from the Amped Cover overcharges your weapon damage.

Gunner – LMG’s have increased magazine capacity and reload faster

An interesting few and some that will be a totally new addition to the game as abilities like Cover Fire and my friend Maxim will work hand in hand to provide cover and damage. Add in the ability to fix the structure and mount a turret and you have a pretty net combination of abilities.

Per usual, nothing is confirmed regarding the Legend until it is officially confirmed or released by Respawn Entertainment. Judging by the fact that Crypto is expected to be the next Legend entering Kings Canyon, it could be awhile before we get answers to all of our questions.

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