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More changes are on the way to some of your favorite Legends according to Respawn Entertainment. Apex Legends’ developers have revealed that Mirage will be receiving some finetuning while Lifeline and Wraith will apparently face the wrath of the nerf hammer.

Mirage has been the center of discussion of weak Legends for some time given his ultimate doesn’t provide much utility and to be completely honest is pretty close to useless overall. While Leeeeeee-RSPN, a Respawn Dev made it clear he would not be receiving a complete overhaul, he did state the character is “likely to get tuning buffs.”

These tuning adjustments could include things such as his invisibilities “opaqueness, invisibility length, ability cooldowns, decoy health, etc.”

When it comes to Wraith and Lifeline, he shared very little and simply stated that “Wraith and Lifeline get some gentle nerfs ;).” Both Legends are extremely popular and add a lot to any team given their abilities. The healing, reviving, and supply drop abilities of Lifeline can drastically change the outcome of a game while Wraiths ability to quickly disengage or provide a path out or to flank for teammates offers a nice tool. Let’s not forget the small hitboxes either.

This will probably receive a split reaction from the community but hey, at least it’s someting different!

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