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Some big changes are coming to Apex Legends ranked play as part of Series 2. Series 2 will kick off alongside the start of Season 3.

While Respawn Entertainment has stated certain aspects will remain unchanged including the actual ranks themselves including the tiers, the level 10 requirement to enter ranked, and matchmaking level being based off of the highest member of the party.

To kick off Series 2, a soft reset will be applied to everyone’s rank. The soft reset will move each player down 1.5 from where they are at the time of the reset. Therefore if a player is tier 3 of Gold, they will remain in Gold just at a lower tier while someone at Gold tier 1 will drop into Silver. Given the fact that players have previously been unable to drop out of a rank once reached, this should remove some of the bottom fillers for each rank.

Penalties will also be enabled from the start of Series 2 after being shut down in Series 1. Players abandoning a game will receive a penalty preventing them from queuing into another game for a period of time. The amount of time will escalate with each abandonment.

RP will be handled differently as well with the points being multiplied by 10.

This in turn has changed the costs to play in each tier except Bronze will remains free.

  • Silver matches cost 12RP
  • Gold matches cost 24RP
  • Platinum matches cost 36RP
  • Diamond matches cost 48RP
  • Apex Predator matches cost 60RP

Feel like you deal all the damage but never get the kill? Well now you might have some numbers to back that up. Assists will now be added to the kill count so long as you’ve done damage to the player within five seconds of their knockdown. This does not stack if you get the kill or if the opponent is revived before being eliminated.

It’s clear that Respawn is still putting a lot of emphasis on getting things right with their competitive mode and things are looking good thus far.

Whether or not they can bring more players back and garner the interested of more tier 1 esports organization is another question entirely.

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