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While the second season of Apex Legends brought about a wealth of new content, meta changes, challenges, and a ranking system; it also brought a new host of bugs and issues.

These issues can be found in various areas of the game and impact it in a multitude of ways from network performance, to failure to stat track appropriately, or crashing the game altogether.

The good news, however, is that Respawn is already working on the biggest of the bunch and has revealed their plans on their Trello board.

These bugs are split into the “Quality of Life,” “General,”UI,” and “Networking” categories.

Quality of Life Features:

  • Ability to switch from localized voice overs to English (Fix in place for future patch)

General bugs (all marked as “investigating” as of the publish time of this article):

  • Stuck in OOB state when you are not OOB
  • Challenges not tracking in some situations
  • Equipping the “Tip of the Spear” loading screen may crash the game.”
  • Mirage skydive clones sometimes appear behind the player and die prematurely.
  • shooting when down

UI problems (all marked as “investigating” as of the publish time of this article) :

  • Some stats are not populating in the player stats page
  • UI disappearing
  • Large numbers overfloy the text fields in the palyer stats page

Networking issues (all marked as “investigating” as of the publish time of this article) :

  • Disconnects caused by code:leaf and/or similar errors (Need community help)
  • Players are seeing non-optimal data centers selected after the 2.0.0 patch.
  • party not read

This list is expected to update on a weekly cycle and is an excellent medium for players to get a direct look at what the development team is working on.

Important to note is that not every bug experienced by every and any player will make the board. It is currently limited to “bigger issues” according to Respawn.

Also worth mentioning is that these bug fixes will most likely not be implemented until the next update which means even if its marked as complete the issue will remain until Respawn implements its next patch.

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