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The leaks keep coming! Apex Legends has been under the microscope since its release on February 4th. The game soared off to a top-notch place on Twitch and brought in hoards of players surpassing massive milestones very quickly.

While the developer has already given a road map for the games first year, not all is included and people love to know more.

With the game garnering so much attention, data miners have been inside the games files finding bits and pieces of information regarding leaks. With two new weapons, some new Legends, a “hoverbike” and more being leaked recently, today’s is from a totally different alley.

This leak was brought forward by GamingIntel and includes some new Founders and Start Packs information.

While there isn’t much in terms of details, it does show that the packs are being worked on and should be making their way into the game. Whether or not they will give players access to all up and coming heroes along with specialty loot is unknown.

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