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It’s the season of Apex Legends leaks apparently as more continue to roll out in full force.

Twitter user, data miner, and Apex Legends leaker @ApexLeaksNews once again discovered a leak and this time it’s more Legends.

Found within the games files were texture files for unreleased Legends including the previously leaked Octane.

There’s not much information to gain and the images aren’t the easiest to view, however, it’s still cool to check out what’s being worked on and get a glimpse, albeit small, at the upcoming Legends.

The first new Legends are expected to be released alongside the second season which is slated to kick off some time in June of 2019. Fans are currently awaiting the release of the battle pass in conjunction with the start of season one which is scheduled for this month.

Per usual, leaks are not in any way official until confirmed by or implemented by Respawn Entertainment.

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