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Getting to the top is often much easier than staying there and Apex Legends has shown rise to the peak was no different. After an opening week that saw it topping the list of games being viewed on Twitch, things started to slide and then came an avalanche.

After breaking early records for players and revenue, Apex Legends faltered. Since then the game has dropped 75% in terms of viewership according to a quarterly report from StreamElements.

The report showcased a peak of 40 million hours watching Apex Legends in the week following the battle royales release. Two and a half months later and mid-March saw 30 million less at 10 million hours watched for the week.

While it is important to note that hours watched do not directly correlate an immedate drop in player base or revenue earned, it can certainly be an indicator at a loss of interested. In an age that is quickly becoming dominated by “what games are the streamers playing,” if they’re not playing yours, it could spell disaster.

During the week of Apex Legends’ release, many of the top streamers went hard in the game. However, as the weeks went by and new content didn’t come they started to leave and they were followed by more and more. Recently, even Michael “shroud” Grzesiek, the games biggest name, threatened to leave.

While the game still has life, it is a lack of new content that seems to be dragging it down. The battle pass was released to sighs of disappointment and there’s been very little since to make up for it.

It is time for the development team to breathe some life into it before it’s too late.

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