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Nobody expected Apex Legends to keep up with the record-breaking viewership numbers week in and week out. According to data website TwitchTracker, Respawn’s battle royale is slowing down, but still puts on impressive numbers.

Apex Legends smashed Fortnite’s hours watched/day record on Feb. 12-13 during the Twitch Rivals event. With streamers such as Ninja, Shroud and DrDisrespect all playing at the same time, Apex Legends drew a peak viewership of 659,000 which contributed to almost 8.2M hours watched.

Since then, numbers have almost halved, which is still impressive. On average, anywhere between 140k and 200k people watch Apex Legends on a daily basis, for 4M hours each day. In just 20 days, fans have consumed 111M hours so far, which beats what Fornite regularly gets in a full month. Apex Legends sits atop League of Legends too and is unlikely to surrender the throne even to CS:GO, unless the eternal FPS breaks records itself during the Major.

It all points to Apex Legends finishing its first month on a very high note. What comes next is the test of longevity. Epic Games’ Fortnite is marching towards a $100M esports circuit, which is sure to re-ignite the interest in the game and Respawn better be ready to retaliate.

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