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Respawn Entertainment has provided a new lineup of items for the Apex Legends item shop as of March 2.

The item shop sees its inventory updated pretty regularly but doesn’t have the same set daily time to make the change like competitor Fortnite.

The updates provide a new set of featured and exclusive items for fans to grab. While featured items are pretty regular to those of us familiar with battle royales & item shops now, the exclusive items are not.

This new section will offer up skins that become available only after a player has purchased the related featured item and also have the legend tokens to buy the exclusive item. A two-tier system for an item shop that promotes “up-selling” in a way.

This update sees the “Model P” Pathfinder, “Millenium Tusk” Gibraltar and “The Revenger” Mirage skin return while “Peak Performer” Lifeline makes its debut. The “Soft Power” Gibraltar skin is joined by the new “Lifeline Bling” Lifeline skin in the exclusive items section.

You can find the full item shop, price, and more below:


  • The Revenger (Mirage) – Legendary Skin – 1,800 Apex Coins
  • Model P (Pathfinder) – Legendary Skin – 1,800 Apex Coins
  • Millennium Tusk (Gibraltar) – Legendary Skin – 1,800 Apex Coins
  • Peak Performer (Lifeline) – Legendary Skin – 1,800 Apex Coins


  • Soft Power (Gibraltar) – Legendary Skin – 6,500 Legends Tokens
  • Lifeline Bling (Lifeline) – Legendary Skin – 10,500 Legends Tokens

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