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Photo: olya_bony Instagram

With the skyrocketing popularity of Apex Legends, it’s not surprising that the games likable and well-done characters have drawn the attention of cosplayers around the globe.

You can check out some of these wonderful cosplays below.


kayybear gives us a look at her best take of Lifeline in this amazing cosplay of the popular medic.

Cosplayer Chinny went live on Twitch in a well done Lifeline cosplay of her own.


Big time cosplayer “olya_bony” put it all on the table with her amazing rendition of Wraith. This is the kind of Wraith you could expect to see in a movie on the popular battle royale.

Cosplayer “DesCaulfields” took her cosplay to the next level with some extra effects to really capture the void skirmishers style.

“Ashtronova” gives us a very “void” looking Wraith in her cosplay of the popular legend below.


We’ve seen some fancy cosplays, but not everyone has the means to put on such a grandeur. No fear, “thedunks88” on Twitter has shown us what you can do with $1 with this Gibraltar cosplay.


A “budget cosplay” as it was deemed by twitter user “AskJoshy” as he shows off his take at Pathfinder.

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