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Mobile users are in for a treat. Joining the ever growing list of games available on ones mobile device is Apex Legends. The popular battle royale from Respawn Entertainment has been confirmed by EA, the games publisher during a conference call.

Daniel Ahmad provided details from the call on Twitter. Also mentioned in the call was the pending release of the game in China.

Apex Legends released to high appraise and quickly rose to the top of popular broadcast website Twitch as well as broke 25 million players in the first week. While it hasn’t maintained the same numbers it had in month one, it is still active and a well done season 2 should see its popularity jump back up.

The upcoming release of the game in China has led to some concerns regarding cheaters. Players in China currently use a VPN to circumvent their inability to download the game or connect to the servers. With the game released officially in the region, some are concerned many more cheaters will jump on via VPN to cause havoc in other regions.

Respawn has shown a thorough commitment to attacking cheaters head on and bringing in outside resources to help combat the problem. The games developer has even provided numbers to show just how drastic the number of hackers has dropped since the games release.

Regardless, the profitability EA and Respawn will see from China becoming an active player base is reason enough for the companies involved.

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