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Trailers have been leaked for Apex Legends season 2 ahead of the official reveal slated for later today.

Two separate trailers have been making their rounds hours ahead of when fans expected to get a look at what’s to come. Fans of both cinematic and gameplay trailers will be pleased as they’ve been gifted one of each.

The cinematic trailer introduces Wattson and also provides a bit of information on the sudden sightings of Flyers and more. Also pointed out in the trailer are map changes that were caused by the devastation following the beasts taking “their native place on the island,” as the trailer states.

The gameplay trailer shows off the new Legend, some new skins, map changes, weapons, the new ranked system, and more.

If these two trailers don’t get you excited for the upcoming second season, we don’t know what will. The lack of content and proper ranking/matchmaking system seems to be fixed and it looks like we may get some real environment interaction we haven’t seen before.

The official release of trailers from Respawn Entertainment is scheduled for 10 am PT today, June 27 and it’s currently unknown if they will have anything extra for fans of the game.

Apex Legends season 2 is scheduled to start on July 2.

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