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At this point Respawn is committed to their game plan for content production and fans will just have to accept it or move on. The more important question now is whether or not Respawn can deliver the level of content and quality of content that is required for such a spread out pacing.

And while many try to contrast Apex legends lack of consistent and regular updates to that of Epic Games’ Fortnite, those same people must realize the difference in the size of the teams behind them and the money that was readily available. I do not think that the season interval system that Respawn has implemented is a bad thing at all. Where I do think they dropped the ball was with the quality and amount of content provided in the first update. I believe that it is crucial to have a successful update to help carry the initial hype and success into an actual fandom and loyalty.

The initial popularity of the game is similar to that of a new restaurant opening. While many will venture there to try it, you need to have a great appetizer, followed by a nice sized and high-quality main dish, but then you have to wrap it up with a mind blowing dessert. Respawn nailed the appetizer…but they gave half portions for the main meal and weren’t able to make up for it with dessert. I do believe that there is still life in the game, and that top streamers and will return to it, however, this is largely based on just how monumental the second seasons update will be. A new legend will simply not be enough.

They will need to see map changes, weapon additions and a meta change in some regard. Respawn cannot drop the ball on season two or Apex legends will have been one of the greatest games to fail in recent years. A game with such integral movement and mechanical skills required has a healthy place in the industry, but in today’s day and age you have to provide something new and something worth playing for.

I’ll dig deeper into that “something worth playing for” in an article coming out tomorrow so check back.

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