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The second team to qualify from the Americas Minor is compLexity. A historic organization from CS history, they were able to acquire stanislaw and ShahZam from the last roster shuffle Along with android, dephh, and yay they have grown as a squad and defeated eUnited 2-0 to make it to the Major. eUnited didn’t reach the form they played at yesterday against NRG while compLexity looked consistent. It was a fairly easy close out for the team all things considered.

As a team they seem to embody the style that stanislaw likes to play. Loose, fast, and more dependant on the individual skill of the players. They can switch up to some defaults or a fake, but their strongest card seems to be 4-1s or full on fast paced hits. They’re now set to play against Rogue in the finals of the Americas Minor, though there is less on the line.

For those curious, three of their five players are complete rookies to the Major stage: yay, dephh, and android.

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