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The most successful AoE II roster finally has a home again as TheViper, DauT, TaTaoH, JorDan, slam and Nili – who were with Team Secret till a few weeks ago – have signed on with Gamer Legion. The roster, after two years with Team Secret, could not come to an agreement with the organization for an extension and they decided to amicably part ways. Gamer Legion capitalized on the opportunity to sign the team and to celebrate, even made a video which you can either like a lot or not at all.

Credit has to be given to the fact that they got the civilizations right! TheViper is Norwegein, so Viking dialouges are ideal for him whereas JorDan, who is German, has been correctly given Gothic lines.

The first tournament that Gamer Legion will be playing is Empire Wars Duo, which is hosted by LidaKor. The six members are divided into two teams:
1) TheViper, TaToH and JorDan
2) DauT, slam and Nili

Will the roster get the same amount of success with Gamer Legion as they did with Team Secret? It’s hard to say, especially now that the competetion in the AoE II scene has grown quite a bit. But it will definitely be a boost for the team to have a new home and some stability so that they can have all their focus aimed at the game.

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