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In what was one of the best days so far in King of the Desert 3 (organized by MembTV), Daut upset one of the favorites of the tournament, Liereyy, 3-2 to advance to the quarterfinals of the $50,000 tournament and cement a place in the top eight. DauT lost the first two games and not many would have expected him to make a comeback against a player of Liereyy’s calibre, but he showed that experience counts for a lot as the 35 year old took down the 18 year old to seal the top spot in their group and send Lierrey down to play an elimination game against Nicov.

When trailing 2-0, DauT turned to the meso americal civs, Aztecs and Mayans to bring him back level to 2-2. The final game was DauT on Saracens and Liereyy on Slavs. DauT took advantage of the Saracen market and surprised Lierrey with Scouts from two stables to gain the front foot in the game. Liereyy did hold off a lot better than most would have, but DauT eventually overwhelmed him to complete the comeback and win 3-2.

Liereyy (left) vs DauT (right) (taken from Liquipedia)

Another player who might who caused a slight upset was MbL, who defeated Mr_Yo 3-2 to advance to the quarterfinals. MbL, who is seeded 6th, is definitely one of the top players out there, but not the favorite when playing against 3rd seeded Mr_Yo. MbL earned a 2-0 lead, only to see the series brough back to 2-2 by Mr_Yo. With the momentum in Mr_Yo’s favor, MbL kept his cool to win with Mayans in the last game against Incas.

Mr_Yo (left) vs MbL (right) (taken from Liqupedia)

In the elimination games of the day, chart defeated StrayDog 3-2 while Nicov overcame last week’s disappointment to win 3-0 against Vinchester. StrayDog and Vinchester are the first ones from the top 16 to be eliminated from the tournament. Next week, chart will have to take on Mr_Yo and Nicov will go up against Liereyy to attempt to stay in the tournament.

Tomorrow’s games with again feature two elimination games followed by two games to decide the group winners. The game of the day is probably Hera vs TaToH, which is expected to be a game that goes down to the wire. The action starts at 1 pm GMT on on Sunday, the 11th of October.

Games to be played on Sunday, the 11th of October (taken from Liqupedia)
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