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The Age of Empires 2 tournament, Battle of Africa 2, which has a prize pool of over $20,000, is down to the final four. The semifnalists are teams that most would call the best from the tournament and ones you would expect to see in the final stages: AfterMath and YinYang, who topped their groups and earned a direct ticket to the semifinals; and Suomi and Team Secret, who had to play the quarter finals to claim their spot in the top four. The semifinal matchups look like this:

Battle of Africa 2 semifinal matchups

Team Secret, who are considered to be the best team in Age of Empires II, surprisingly lost to YinYang as well as Suomi in the group stages. Faced against Vietnam Legends, Team Secret had no trouble dispatching them off 4-1 with well rounded use of their five man roster in the five games. Next up for Secret will be YinYang, against whom they lost 3-2 earlier in the tournament. With the maps better explored by the teams, it will be interesting to see whether YinYang can repeat the feat of defeating Secret a second time.

Suomi, the Finnish team, had a similar story against Rulers of Rome, where they won 4-1 quite comfortably. They face AfterMath in the semifinals, a matchup where AfterMath are considered to be the favorites, but with the way Suomi have been playing, it could go either way.

Battle of Africa 2 quarter final results

Battle of Africa 2 has brought us some amazing games and tactics on the old and new maps and with the four best teams in the competetion remaining, the games are only going to get better. The semifinal matches will be best-of-7 and will be played on the 6th of June while the grand final, which will be played on the 7th of June, will be a best-of-9 endeavor. Make sure you catch all the action on

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