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The first games of the group stage for King of the Desert 3, hosted by MembTV, were played over the weekend. The top 16 players are divided into four groups of four players each, with TheViper, Liereyy, Hera and Mr_Yo, the top four seeds all in different groups. This is how the games went down over the weekend.

Games from Saturday, the 3rd of October (taken from Liquipedia)

Games from Sunday, the 4th of October (taken from Liquipedia)

All the results were probably as expected, but the scorelines weren’t. Nicov versus Daut turned out to be less of a contest than expected as Daut (seeded 10) defeated Nicov (seeded 7) 3-0. Even though Nicov is seeded higher in this tournament and did defeat DauT in Red Bull Wololo 2, in a Random Match, DauT is the more experienced player and would be expected to win. But most would have expected the series to go to at least four games, if not five. Game 2 in their series was probably the game of the tournament and a very close one, but the first and third games were just DauT doing the small things right and Nicov making slight mistakes.The second unexpected scoreline was the 3-0 victory for TheMax (seed 8) over dogao (seed 9). Even though dogao had a couple of good starts to games, TheMax outclassed him in unit selection and fights. He gets his reward in the form of a match again TheViper next weekend. A series that one wouldn’t have expected to be too close but went to the wire was TaToH vs vivi. It went to the deciding game but 5th seeded TaToH came through.

With the winners of this weekend taking on each other in the weekend to come, the competetion is bound to heat up even more. Here are the games between the winners that will take place next weekend:

TheViper vs TheMax
Hera vs TaToH
Liereyy vs DauT
Mr_Yo vs MbL

It does not get any better than this! These are definitely the top eight players in the world of Age of Empires II and the matches are bound to go down to the wire. The winners of these will go ahead to the quarterfinals. The losers will have to play a decider with the winners of the elimination game (from their respective groups). The group stages will end on the 17th of October. The 18th, 24th and 25th of October is when the single elimination playoffs bracket will be played.

King of the Desert 3 playoffs bracket (taken from Liquipedia)
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