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It’s nearly the weekend, which means King of the Desert 3, hosted by MembTV, is back with the top 16 Age of Empires II players in the world. The tournament started with 64 players and after two knockout rounds, 48 players were eliminated. The biggest upsets were caused by Japanese player ‘chart’, who took out F1re in the first round and ACCM in the second.

The group stages will feature four groups of four players each. The format for the group stage is double elimination, meaning for a player to be eliminated, he will have to lose twice. Similarly, for a player to advance to the next round, he will have to win twice. The top two players will advance from each group while two will be eliminated. The player advancing 2-0 in the group will be seeded first in the group while the one advancing with a score of 2-1 will be seeded second. Here is a look at the four groups for the next round of King of the Desert 3.

King of the Desert 3 groups (taken from Liquepedia)

All the series in the group stage will be best-of-5. The group stage will go on for three weeks, from the 3rd to the 17th of October. The tournament will be ending on the 25th of September. Here is the schedule of play for this weekend.

Considering the fact that it is the top 16, nearly all games will be competitive, but if there are a couple of games that stand out amongst these, they are

Nicov vs Daut
TheMax vs Dogao

All in all, it is going to be four weekends of amazing Age of Empires II action. Make sure you catch King of the Desert 3 by tuning into

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