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It has been 20 years since Age of Empires was released, but looking at a more recent milestone, it’s been a year since the launch of AoE II: Definiteive Edition. One it’s first birthday, AoE DE will be getting it’s biggest update yet.

Probably the most prominent change that will be coming with the new patch is the new game mode, Battle Royale. A lot of games have added a Battle Royale mode, and AoE is jumping on the bandwagon to put forward their own take on the mode. It will be streamed on the 31st of October on Twitch, where the community will get an idea of what the mode will bring with it.

Another important change is the addition of casual matchmaking. Addition of casual matchmaking will give players an option to try out new civilizations and tactics without having to worry about losing elo. The new UI will also be quite helpful in picking a civilization.

The announcement also mentions major changes to civilizations. It’s been a while since AoE II DE has had those and if there’s one thing King of the Desert 3 has shown us, it’s that certain civilizations are too powerful on land maps while others are not even contenders. The patch will attempt to bridge that gap.

The date of release of the patch has not been mentioned, but it will be sometime in November. A good change that would have been very welcone by the community would have been the option to reconnect to games after dropping. But on the whole, the changes look quite positive and the November patch will be one that will be one that will be welcomed by the entire AoE II community.

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