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Age of Empires team events tend to bring out some whacky strategies, and that’s exactly what we got to witness when China took down tournament favorites Norway in the grand finals of the AoE II 2 v 2 World Cup. The final, which was a best of 7 affair and took place on Sunday the 20th of December, ended 4-2 in favor of Mr_Yo and Lyx of China as TheViper and MbL had from Norway had to settle for second place.

The World Cup was hosted by T90Official and was sponsored by Microsoft and T90Official. The tournament started with a 32 teams (multiple teams from a nation) divided into eight groups of four. The top two teams from each group made it to the playoffs, which was a single elimnation bo5 affair for the first two rounds and bo7 for the semifinals and grand finals.

AoE II 2 v 2 World Cup playoff bracket (taken from Liquipedia)

Norway were expected to reach the grand finals, but China vs Brazil was always going to be a tough game. But the Chinese duo of Mr_Yo and Lyx played some exceptional AoE II to defeat the Brazilian pair of Miguel and Dogao. But surely, they couldn’t do it against two of the best in the business, could they? On most days, Lyx would lose in a 1v1 against the remaining three in the grand finals, because that is not where his strength lies. His strength lies in creating complete chaos in the game while his teammate booms and enters the battlefield ready to destroy the opponents. And Lyx played that role to perfection in the grand finals! What he did was something not a lot of players can do and can only be appreaciated when watched.

AoE II 2 v 2 World Cup grand final games (taken from Liquidpedia)

Lyx’s partner Mr_Yo was full of praise for his teammate Lyx and not only him, a lot of prominent players acknowleged the fact that Lyx was the deciding factor in the competition. Something else that was brought up was the fact that Norway, even though they had amazing players, didn’t have the same chemistry that the Chinese duo had.

At the end of the event, T90 announced Hidden Cup 4, which will be taking place in March 2021. Before that, there is also Red Bull Wololo III in January 2021. So there is a lot of AoE II action on the horizon, and with the new patch being used for the tournaments, expect some unexpected stragetgies in both tournaments.

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