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In a series worthy of a grand final, AfterMath caused a slight upset as they defeated touranment favorites Team Secret 5-4 in the best-of-9 grand finals to win Battle of Africa 2. AfterMath take home more than $8,000 in prize money, and they deserve every bit of it.

AfterMath came into the finals after a tough semifinal series against Suomi, where they won 4-3 after being down 2-3. Team Secret may have had some tougher games earlier, but they had a comfortable showing the semifinals where they defeated YinYang 4-1. The two teams in the finals were the ones who most would have expected and the final was bound to be an amazing affair.

Battle of Africa 2 was a 3 v 3 tournament hosted by MembTV, which featured some unique maps. For the grand final, there were two sets of civilization drafts. The first draft was for the first five games and if the series went beyond five games, there would be a supplemental draft involving a higher number of bans.

First draft

The first five games went like this:
AfterMath – 0 1 – Team Secret
AfterMath – 1 1 – Team Secret
AfterMath – 1 2 – Team Secret
AfterMath – 2 2 – Team Secret
AfterMath – 2 3 – Team Secret

Supplemental draft

The last four games went like this:
AfterMath – 3 3 – Team Secret
AfterMath – 4 3 – Team Secret
AfterMath – 4 4 – Team Secret
AfterMath – 5 4 – Team Secret

The entire series can be viewed here.

AfterMath has been a team that has made it to the later stages of the tournament a number of times, but lost out to Team Secret every time. This is the first time AfterMath managed to win a touranament, so the win will feel a lot more special.

TheViper has been dominating the AoE II scene for a while, but Mr_Yo managed to defeat him in the grand final of Red Bull Wololo and AfterMath, comprised of Hera, MbL, Liereyyy and Nicov, managed to take down TheViper’s team (comprised of him, DauT, TaToh, Slam and Nili). Is this end of an era? Time will tell. The next big tournament that has been announced is King of the Desert 3, which will be hosted by MembTV again and will be played in September 2020. But one thing is for sure, the AoE II esports scene is ceratinly picking up and it is headed towards brighter days.

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