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After weeks of speculation as to who would walk away with the prize, it appears Immortals Gaming Club has acquired OpTic Gaming & Houston Outlaws parent company Infinite Esports & Entertainment according to a report from ESPN Esports.

This, in turn, means that Immortals will be making their return to the LCS, what many believe was the main goal of this deal. However, they must also offload the Houston Outlaws Overwatch League spot as they already field their own in the form of the Los Angeles Valiant.

Immortals are now responsible for several financial hurdles that were set before Infinite such as the remainder of the LCS and Overwatch League payments totaling around $15 million. This isn’t all of it either as they still have the OpTic majority ownership payments to deal with among others.

The report claims that Immortals were one of two finalists for the acquisition with the other being headlined by OpTic’s own Hector Rodriguez and former Infinite president and co-founder Chris Chaney. After obtaining further investment from over seas, they sought to reattain the brand. It wouldn’t prove fruitful in the end, however, and sadly, Rodriguez’s empire has slipped further away.

Further details are still being worked out and paperwork is currently being sifted through and filed.


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