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Before Fortnite’s absolutely record-breaking run at popularity, PUBG was staggeringly popular. The two brought it large sums of money and fast. However, according to Sensor Tower, their mobile versions didn’t rule the market.

The dominant PC and console game(s) can’t be crowned mobile champions so quickly as NetEase’s “Knives Out” sits on that throne.

The game which has been touted as a PUBG clone has been downloaded over 250 million times and brought in a massive $465 million in 2018. Fortnite, second on the list came in $10 million short at $455 million.

Important to note is where exactly all of this money came from. According to the report, Japan is responsible for roughly 80% of the total revenue for Knives Out. The gaming revenue generating United States only accounted for 1% of the $465 million. The report goes on to state the average Japanese player spent $360 on the hit game in 2018.

Things looked great in China too for the company as being a Chinese based company has allowed NetEase to use in-app purchases as another method of monetizing their game. When you add this to the fact that Fortnite is not allowed to generate revenue given pending license approvals among other red tape, Knives Out should keep a decent hold on the revenue generation within the country.

One important thing to note is the unavailable revenue created via Fortnite’s Android version. Having bypassed the Google Play store, this information is not readily available.


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