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Rapiers were lost, Roshan fights went wrong, the throne was exposed, Neon Esports had the game in their hands, but Nuengnara “23savage” Teeramahanon’s moment of brilliance saved the day for Fnatic.

The BTS Pro Series: SEA Season 2 lower bracket semifinal between Neon Esports and Fnatic brought an insane finish in the second game. After baiting Neon in game one to draft almost identically as they did versus’s TNC’s first pick Queen of Pain, Fnatic gave their opponents a tough lesson. The first pick QoP bait had Neon fooled, as she was drafted for Daryl Koh “iceiceice” Pei Xiang in the offlane, while the mid lane hero was Dragon Knight. Neon’s focus counters Puck-Bloodseeker, Grimstroke-Tiny proved to be inefficient against the DK and the game looked completely different from the one against TNC.

However, Skem and co managed to outdraft and outmaneuver Fnatic in the second game. They had the last pick of the draft and countered Fnatic’s intense healing/HP regen line-up with Ancient Apparition, while also having good laning stage control with Tusk and Phoenix paired in the offlane.

Neon were able to control the Roshan pit and did spectacular in the high ground defence to push the game past the hour mark. Given the incredible resilience they were facing against, Fnatic decided to buy a Divine Rapier to breach the tier three towers, but lost to Neon’s core Void Spirit and with it, they lost pretty much any chance at ever winning an engagement. With the Divine Rapier in the hands of their Void, Neon built a 46K gold advantage and were ready to take the throne off Fnatic to push the series to a game three. But just as they won a crucial team fight in the Fnatic jungle, 23savage on Wraith King, along with Kam “Moon” Boon Seng on Death Prophet, went for what can be regarded as the play of the month, if not the play of the year.

They marched mid lane and went on hitting the full HP Neon Throne. They forced three Neon players to come back to defend and as DP had the Black King Bar activated and couldn’t be brought down fast, they focused on the Wraith King. They took him down twice, exhausting the ultimate before the throne was down, but all effort was in vain as the killing blow came from the WK Aghanim’s Scepter wraith.

Neon Esports finish the tournament in fourth place, with a replay to watch over and over again, while Fnatic advance in the lower bracket finals where they will fight against BOOM Esports for a shot at making it into the tournament grand finals next to Geek Fam. Both finals will be played tomorrow, June 19, starting at 06:00 CEST/12:00 PST with the lower bracket best-of-three duel followed by the best-of-five grand finals. 

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